Enjoy the latest trading comfortably at Deriv.com, the new home of Binary.com

Right in 2019 binary.com celebrated its 20th birthday and decided to create something new as part of their commitment to make online trading affordable and easily accessible. resulting in deriv.com.

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How to register a binary.com derivative account
How to Register a Binary.com Deriv Account (Real Account)
For those of you who have little capital or want to learn Forex and are looking for experience with low risks, Deriv binary.com is the place to be. Free registration is free of charge.

For beginners and don't have the capital, you can try it on a Virtual Account and for those of you who already can, please register for a Real Account. (USE DATA ACCORDING TO ID / ID / SIM)

How to register for a Real Account, please follow the instructions below:

1. Register for Deriv binary.com Click HERE

 please follow the instructions below, for instructions or a tutorial on derivatives binary.com.!!

2. Register contents with your active email. suggested gmail or with your Fb account 

if you have already registered, the next step is to check your email that you previously registered

 For those of you who can play Forex, please register in the "Real money account" and for beginners or want to learn to register first in the "Virtual money account
3. Data Registration

Please fill in the registration data according to your data.

 4. Registration is successful

The registration process was successful. :)
Congratulations you already have a binary.com derivative account

That's the guide on how to register binary.com, easy right?

Now you have a trading account, but you can't make transactions because you haven't deposited capital into that account. Therefore, so that you can trade at binary.com, please make a deposit.

There are many ways to deposit at derivatives binary.com, including through Changer in Indonesia then select the Cashier menu then select Deposit.

The advantages of deriv include:
  • No need to register: Simply access using your Binary.com credentials and start trading directly. 
  • Enhanced experience: Trade with confidence in services created by trusted online trading brands with more than 20 years of experience. 
  • Modern design that is easy to use: Enjoy an intuitive and easy to use interface, even for new traders. 
  • More than 100+ financial instruments: Trade what you like - forex, commodities, stocks and synthetic indices. 
  • 4 trading platforms in one place: Trade the way you like in Deriv MetaTrader 5 (DMT5), DTrader, DBot - and classic SmartTrader. 
  • Help when you need it: Get access to friendly customer support 7 days a week, a complete Help Center, plus other useful content.
Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to register for a Deriv.com account? 
As a Binary.com user, you don't need to re-register. You can access Deriv.com using your Binary.com account credentials and trade using the balance found in your Binary.com account. 
 Will Binary.com be deleted?
 Binary.com will continue to operate as usual. You can continue trading on Binary.com, but in the end Binary.com will move the focus to innovation and development of new features at Deriv. com.
Is Deriv.com safe? 
Binary.com sticks to a commitment to safety and high ethical standards. You can be sure that your account remains as safe at Deriv.com as your account at Binary.com. 

 What changes can I see?
 As you can see that Deriv.com has everything available in Binary. com and more.

In addition to a new, modern look, Binary.com is working on adding new products such as Option Multiplier and peer-to-peer (P2P) cashiers. We provide resource facilities that can help you build confidence in the world of online trading.
This name change is actually not the first time carried out by the company. Because long before there was the name binary.com, this site was actually born for the first time with the name betonmarket. And at this time the company developer decided to change the name or merebranding binary.com to deriv.com
Start trading with Deriv

Join more than 1 million traders using Deriv.com and Binary.com - award-winning platforms that have been trusted for more than 20 years
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