The 5 Best Trading Strategies in Binary Options (according to success trading) Work 99%

The 5 Best Trading Strategies in Binary Options (according to success trading)

 Binary options trading is often called easier than spot forex. You only need to choose when estimating prices will go up or down. You will profit or loss can be immediately known before entering, to be able to find out where the price direction, you must do an analysis and have a specific strategy in order to get the desired profit
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Binary options trading strategies are very easy and varied, ranging from those based on expiry time such as the 1 minute, 5 minute and 15 minute strategies, to indicators such as Bollinger bands and MACD. There are strategies that follow the direction of prices such as trends and sideways trading, also rely on candle patterns such as pin bars and inside bars. Strategies that focus on trading methods such as hedging, reversal, and straddle are also not spared from the list of methods you can use in binary options

For every trader it can be different, each strategy has characteristics and advantages. Therefore the best advice in choosing a strategy is to take what you understand best. For example, if you enter the type of aggressive trader and responsive to price changes, you can take short-term strategies such as trading 1 minute binary options.
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 The 5 best trading strategies in binary options

1. Strategi Tren

 Pricing always brings invaluable potential. In both spot forex and binary options, many trends are considered the most ideal conditions for entry. Binary options no longer take into account large or small price movements to weigh profits, but when prices are strongly trending they are still preferred.

2. Pin Bar Strategy

 This strategy relies on pin bars, which are candle formations with small bodies and long axes that exceed the size of the body. Pin bar is a reversal signal that is quite trusted by many traders. as a main indicator or just a confirmation, the appearance of pin bars is always considered important.

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The longer axis of the pin bar can be taken as a guideline for estimating where the price will turn. pin bar whose long axis is located at the bottom of the candle is called the Bullish pin bar. If your pin bar occurs after a previous bearish candle
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3. Strategi Hedging 

 The strategy that should be considered in binary options trading is the hedging strategy. binary options do not prohibit traders from placing opposite options on an instrument at the same time.
The main purpose of hedging is to anticipate that you will lose out of options that will end out of the money. within 5 minutes the price will still move in strong bearish sentiment, and you can still open options. Before you apply this strategy, it's a good step for you to learn to understand the risks of hedging first. optimal hedging can multiply greater profits.

4. Strategi Risk Reversal

Hedging strategy is a method that is run by opening two options "call" and "put" at the same time
You can learn how to do hedging, you don't need to try to try a risk reversal strategy. There is not much difference in how the two strategies are applied You can place different amounts of capital in the 2 options that you open. one option will end up out-of-the-money, there will still be a profit that you win here

5. Strategi Straddle

 The straddle strategy is still associated with placing "call" and "put" options together, there is an emphasis on price conditions and analytical methods that can help you find a good level of potential for binary options.


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In the picture above, it appears that the open "call" and "put" points have been adjusted to the RSI chart which had reached overbought and oversold. You can take advantage of such large opportunities by adjusting the expiry time so that both options expire at the same time. If you succeed 

2 options, you will profit

 Fundamental Analysis

 note the fundamental release is an important component that you must choose, the component can determine your trading decision. you can choose with more capital and therefore risk capital reversal can be determined by the strategy of released fundamental data. fundamental price driving factors, you can also win your trading trends.

Risk management 

This section is an aspect of trading that you always need to include. Although the five strategies above can be called the best, but still nothing can bring definitive results. In other words, profit figures are only a possibility, as is the potential loss. Here, risk management can be used to limit losses to a level that matches your tolerance limit. Therefore, whatever the type of strategy, always complete your trading system with risk management.

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