1 Minute Trading Strategy is very profitable to achieve greater income

1 Minute Trading Strategy is very profitable to achieve greater income

This strategy technique is very popular among traders, even novice traders also know this strategy. This technique is very popular with traders because it is quite simple and easy to use and has a very short and short duration.

This technique aims for you to achieve large profits by making transactions with a very short duration of time with a small target and tends to do many transactions in a day.

This strategy technique requires high discipline and concentration, and you don't need to worry because knowing what the technique is like and you have to master this technique.

You must make transactions in a relatively short time with this technique, it is very reasonable if you want to implement this strategy you should choose a broker that has a low spread and commission.

This technique is not only intended for traders who have long been poor across the world of forex, but this technique is also suitable for novice traders. You can use this technique so that you can make a big profit, and you should know what indicators to use for the technique.

1 minute Scalping Technique Concept

> Suitable for use for all currency pairs that have low spreads
> Time Frame setting in M1 (1 Minute)

The indicator used

> Stochastic with settings (5,3,3)
> Exponential Moving Average (EMA) with periods of 50 and 100
> The best time is during the London and New York trading sessions

Scalping Technique Practice

> EMA 50 must be above EMA 100
> Wait for correction to the EMA area
> Wait for confirmation of buy signals from stochastic
> Place the SL range at 20-30 pips below the nearest swing low level
> Place TP 80 - 120 pips from the position entry

Here is an example of the graph

success trading

It can be seen from the example chart above where the EMA 50 line is above the EMA 100 line and from the stochastic chart it is in the oversold area which means a confirmation of the BUY signal. For Take Profit and Stop loss, you can follow the rules that have been made or determine your own according to your strategy and targets.

For Sell Rules

>Ema 50 harus berada di bawah EMA 100> Tunggu koreksi ke area EMA
> Tunggu konfirmasi sinyal sell dari stochastic
> Tempatkan SL sekitar 20 - 30 pips di atas level swing high terdekat
> Tempatkan TP sekitar 80 - 120 pips dari level entri

Here's a Sample Graph

success trading

EMA 50 is below the EMA 100 and for the stochastic line itself is in the overbought area which means there is a signal for sell sell. For Take Profit (TP) and Stop Loss (SL) please you can follow the rules that have been made, and you can also adjust to your targets and strategies.

This strategy is suitable for those of you who want to trade, and the results will be
in accordance with what you expect and there will be no financial risk that befell you.

The advantages of this strategy 

> In terms of capital risk is quite small
> Relatively faster to reach the target because the target being targeted is relatively small
> Stretch Narrow Range can be utilized
> Opportunities created are greater because small opportunities are created more often than large movements.

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