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What are Binary ?

First, let's see how it all works. Simply put, binary options are derivatives that can be traded on any instrument or market. They appeal because they are easy. You know exactly how much you can win, or lose before trading. No complicated math and calculators are needed. This is why they are also known as 'all or nothing' trading.

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Binary Register Guide

How to Register a Binary.com Account

     1. Make sure you register through a binary affiliate with the code (source = affiliate_116246)

     2. Enter your email address then click register for free account

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Binary option

To recognize the direction of the next price movement, the ability to read trends is actually not enough. The strength of the trend is also important to note, because this is where you can find out the potential for forwarding or reversing earlier. Often, the strength of trends can be detected with the help of technical indicators. But given the nature of indicators that are definitely lagging because they formulate data from past movements, the signal strength of the trend still cannot be obtained as a leading signal.

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 To overcome this, Justin Bennett from the Daily Price Action website suggests 3 ways to read the strength of trends without indicators. But before that, you also need to understand how to recognize trends without the help of indicators. If usually you might use Moving Average (MA) or similar indicators, then you should make it a habit to detect price trends through high and low patterns. The method is not much different from how to recognize trends through price action, where the uptrend conditions are confirmed when prices form higher highs and higher lows. Meanwhile, when experiencing a downtrend, prices will show a pattern of lower highs and lower lows.

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1. Identify a High Low Position
    This is the easiest method that does not require any technical indicators or tools. In principle, price patterns formed on charts alone can be the basis for observations to read the strength of trends.

2. Measuring Retest Distance
    Retest is when prices test an important level, for example, support or resistance. In trending conditions, a retest can also be applied to situations where prices test the trendline before returning to the main trend.

 3. Recognize Price Density
     How to read the strength of a trend without the last indicator is to pay attention to the price density at the end of the trend.

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