Analyzing Vfxalrt 2020 Signal Algorithms - Works For All Trading Platforms

Signal Algorithms


Adaptive - The adaptive algorithm uses statistical analysis of historical data. In contrast to the classical signals where the signal is given by certain conditions, in the adaptive algorithm were analyzed each candle in history is evaluated, this is the same if the signals were given every minute or 5 minutes depending on the expiration time. Thus, the adaptive strategy shows the most favourable moment for entering the market.

Trending - The following technical indicators are used to generate signals:

CCI (12 periods) signals:


!important Get false signals on trending market.

It is possible to use any conditions for the formation of signals, but for the most part, they all give signals close to each other. If you have interesting suggestions on adding signal algorithms, write to For us, it does not matter how the signal is formed - signal power and heatmaps will be calculated automatically as soon as enough statistical data is acquired (at least 2000 signals)

For signals with an expiration time of 1 minute, it is sufficient to estimate the heat maps for 3 periods M1, M5, M15. Heatmaps show not very good results and signal power is ok.But you need to be extremely accurate because the price movements for M1 are very weak, on that and the statistics are not very stable.Probably I am not going to open put position here. But if you make additional analysis

This signal has good signal power and heat maps. I would further appreciate the value of the indicator of the RCI if the vector of motion is directed upwards, I would open the CALL position.

This signal has a high signal power, but the heat maps do not show very good values. Probably a large value of signal strength is due to a random confluence of indicators.This signal is doubtful. It is worthwhile to open a position if there are additional market factors. For example, in the market a strong upward trend, in this case, you can open the position of CALL and increase expiration time to 8-12 minutes


 I am a YouTuber in the field of shares of all platforms trying to share a few tricks to analyze signal vfxalrt, hopefully what I have to say in this article can help you in trading

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