Trading techniques 5-10 minutes duration

Why here we discuss the trading minute duration due to the long-minute trades are interested in learning and understanding how to read the market.
But to run the trading this minute duration should be really jellies when analyzing the market.

Below there are candlestick chart images for market analysis, see and understand.
Pay attention to the candlestick chart in order to understand the direction of the trend movement that will be run for trading.

Need to remember the trading must have a clear target and limit the profit do not overdo it, adjust the existing capital.
If the profit exceeds the initial capital or 100% can result in pskological related shaky and consequently affect the next trading. In the next trading the risk rises to exceed the profit that can be.

So the emotion control is no longer a scan in which the account balance can remain out of stock. Continuing the discussion of long duration trading,Now that I want to discuss the minute duration. Because with the trading minute duration traders can enjoy in trading. Can avoid the upper back neck nerve tension.

For more details Let's look at the candlestick chart below.
Trading techniques 5-10 minutes duration,trading view,chandlistikc,
According to the analysis if the trend like this can to trade the duration of the minute, open a position in the arrow that is in the hammer writing.
For sure you ask, Kok know the trend will go down, here's the explanation, if the hammer head under it shows the trend will go down. Open positions using a duration of 1 minute or 5 minutes is definitely profit.

So the point about the trading analysis of minute duration may be useful for all readers.


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