Strategy Trading Binary High/Lower

Strategy Trading Binary High/Lower -On the occasion of a very happy, I will share a little bit of strategy trading binary high/lower.This strategy could perhaps you guys should, however I suggest before trying it on a real account please try it first on a virtual account you guys each.

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 Alright so this article fit make the dizziness again looking for tricks here and there but the binary profit failed to meet because many blogs – blogs that don't update obsolete trick still exposed on google, so don't forget your friends like and follow ya .... to get the latest update-update:)

If your friends do not have an account, please sign the binary here for free REGISTER BINARY

The first thing to a friend do to following this trick is open and login to your BINARY buddy click trade select market indexes folatilitas,free to choose any volatility for the duration of the 5-7 Tick, then scrol down see graph by then follow the rule below.

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Rule Open positions/3 rule execution, namely:
-Reversal: If there are two parallel mountain, open position/op on when forming the mountain to 3, 3 to mount the recall must be higher than the mountain before. the example resembles the image below friends can op higher/ride.

-Reversal: Mount 2 must be lower than mount to 1 open position (OP) on Mt to 3, friends here can 
lower Op/down, example resembles the image below.

-follow: mount to 2 mandatory higher than mount to 1 open position when the market correction, there are friends can op higher.

That's what friend concerning Strategy Trading Binary High/Lower There are 3 rules above sanctions, if less friends understand please re-re-reading the rule on Yes and it should please, please also leave a comment below:)
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