5 Types of daily Trading strategies that traders often use

Discipline is an aspect of trading.Although this is true, but how do I ensure that the discipline runs while trading? The only way is to create a trading strategy.If the strategy is tested in any situation, then the trader can be confident this strategy can give profit.

Confidence will make it easy for traders to follow the plans that have been made, and this can maintain discipline.A consistent trading strategy should cover several aspects, such as trading entry signals, position sizing, risk management, as well as when trading out time with profit.

1. Strategy 50 PIP per day
This strategy utilizes the early movements of the forex market in the event of high liquidity. GBP/USD and EUR/USD currencies are the two most suitable currencies transacted with this strategy.After the candlestick closes at 07.00 am GMT, the trader must open two positions or two pending orders.

When one of them is active due to price movements, the other positions are automatically canceled.
The profit Target should be 50 pips, and the stop-loss is placed between 5-10 pips above or below 07.00 am GMT after the formation occurs. This is necessary to anticipate the risks that may arise.

Once all conditions are set, immediately enter the market and leave all running alone. Daily and scalping traders most appropriately use these two short-term strategies. Nevertheless, short-term trading has a big risk, so it is important to use risk management.

2. Daily chart Strategy
Compared to a 1-hour trading strategy, or with any short time frame, fewer daily charts have noise.Hart like this can give 100 pips per day if the time frame is extended, giving a very potential result of several trades taken.

The trading signals produced are more reliable, and the potential for profit will be greater. Traders also do not have to bother watching news releases and random price fluctuations. To use this strategy, the trader must be able to see the trend and consolidation. Both are repetition (going on).

The main principle is to find a long movement of trends, and this trend can be identified through the study of forex data 180 period.Further identification of the swing up and down. By implementing price data on the current chart, traders can identify the direction of the market.

3.1 hour trading strategy
Traders can take advantage of the 60 minute trading strategy. The most appropriate currencies for this strategy are EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, and AUD/USD. For this, traders need an indicator of 100-pip momentum and an arrows indicator, all of which are already in MetaTrader 4.

To buy, the trader can give a long order if the 100-pip indicator signals a buy signal when the blue Line crosses the red line from below, and the arrows indicator signals a green arrow.The Stop-loss is placed below the red line or in the latest support line. Close the trade after 30 pips, and take profit when the arrows indicator gives the red arrow signal.

To sell, traders can take a short position if the 100-pip momentum Indicator gives a sell signal when the blue Line crosses the red line from above, and the arrows indicator gives a red arrow signal. The Stop-loss is placed above the red line or the latest resistance line. Close the trade after 30 pips, or when the arrows indicator gives a green color signal.

4. Weekly Trading Strategies
Although many are trading daily because volatility gives profit opportunities through narrow time frames, the weekly trading strategy Trapi gives more flexibility and stability. The weekly candlestick gives detailed information that includes five daily candlesticks as well as movements affecting market trends.

For this strategy, the trader needs an exponential moving average indicator (EMA). The last day Chart of the candlestick from last week should close above the EMA Indigo, then see when the maximum price of the candlestick last week is solved.Place a stop-loss in the H4 candlestick closure when the price touches the resolved price.

Stop-loss orders must be placed near the minimum points, between 50 to 100 pips. The previous high score was then taken to be counted if the closest minimum points were closer than 50 pips. This is where last week's range of movements are used as range profit.

5.4 hours Trading Strategy
One way to trade for a big profit is the 4-hour trading strategy. For this, the 4-hour trading strategy is best applied to swing traders. This strategy wears a 4 hour time frame as the base chart for viewing trading signals, and a time frame 1 hour signal chart to determine the actual position.

Always remember, the time frame for the signal chart should be shorter than the base chart. Two MA lines will be required, one in the form of MA 34 period and one more MA period 55. To see if the trend is worth trading, the MA line needs to be associated with price action.

In case of upward trend, conditions that must be met are:

-The price must remain above the MA line.
-The MA line 34 period must exist above the MA line of the 55 period, and should always like this.
-The MA line will increase up to the maximum duration when an upward trend occurs.

If a downtrend occurs, the following conditions must be met:
-Price action should be below two MA lines.
-MA period 34 should always be below the MA line of the 55 period, and remain like this.
-The MA line will go down to maximum duration.

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